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In modern world it is absolutely necessary to be fit to keep up with wild pace. Good health and strong beautiful body helps to achieve success and enjoy life. Fitness is considered to be an inseparable part of health care. Fitness sports help individuals to adapt favorably to changing circumstances and take the tension caused by stressful conditions away. In such types of situations, if you are fit, your mind won’t be disturbed much. The conclusion is that fitness exercises do not only allow to be physically strong but also help to adopt mental health.

It is difficult to have good health without wellness training. Today’s life demands that we should be of great endurance, strong and healthy. To achieve this it is necessary to stay fit. Fitness is an important part of healthy mode of life. If you are fit, you are considered to be healthy. If you are healthy, your fitness level goes up.

Very often people ignore the significance of fitness. They don’t understand the necessity of staying fit all the time. Probably they are not aware of the benefits of fitness sports. Life is a wonderful thing holding lots of pleasure for people. But if you have help problems to enjoy this pleasure becomes rather difficult.

It is not difficult to enjoy benefits of workouts. With them you will be able to improve your life quality. You will look fresher and be protected from different kinds of infection. If you resort to the help of a personal fitness trainer, he will develop a special program meant to cope with the problems you have.

Considering every situation to be a good opportunity to become fit is the key idea to fitness anytime. It will allow you to make the most out of your independence and have peaceful mind.

Fitness sports focuses on the different muscle groups of the human body. There are muscular fitness, aerobic fitness and fitness that helps to increase stability and develop flexibility. Before choosing a fitness activity it is required to evaluate your physical capabilities. All the trainers recommend to consult a doctor before performing fitness exercises.

Aerobic exercises include such activities as running, swimming, cycling, etc. They are an important part of weight loss workouts. These exercises should be limited to 30-40 minutes per day.

If you have the necessity to make your body stronger, you should pay more attention to muscular fitness. Strength training will allow you to increase bulk of your lean muscles. Here fitness supplies can come to rescue.

Balance and stability are known to be related to muscle strength’s core. It is recommended to do fitness exercises that help make your muscles tough. This is necessary to keep your skeleton healthy. Strong muscles and strings will hold all the organs at their places.

Fitness allows to achieve flexibility. Exercises that involve stretching let your muscles function in their widest range. Yoga includes a great deal of stretching exercises.

Keeping to a well-balanced diet is a part of fitness. Healthy nutrition and exercising allow to experience fitness anytime.

Legal Issues surround teeth whitening

The popularity of teeth whitening treatments has become a hot topic in dentistry. In particular, the questions of who is qualified to perform the procedure and which whitening agents are safe to use have sparked much debate. Read this article to learn more about the legal issues surrounding the procedure—and what you should consider before bleaching your teeth:

Who is qualified?

The confusion over who is qualified to perform the procedure is centred on the fact that, in 2001, the House of Lords classified bleaching materials as “cosmetic products.” Some purport that under this ruling, the process of teeth whitening would be regulated by the EU Cosmetics Directive, not the General Dental Council (GDC), making it legal for cosmeticians and other operators to administer teeth whitening procedures.

However, the GDC maintains that teeth whitening is a practise of dentistry and should only be performed by GDC registrants. NHS Choices similarly advises patients that they should only undergo the procedure at the hands of a dentist or a dentist professional. The reasoning for this is that you should have a clinical examination prior to the procedure to determine if you have receding gums, defective restorations, gum disease, or a form of mouth cancer that would make the treatment dangerous.

The GDC is committed to persecuting non-registered companies on the grounds of illegal practice, especially in cases where patients have been harmed as the result of clinical negligence.

Which products are safe?

Hydrogen peroxide is a popular agent in teeth whitening treatments, and the new directive from the European Commission (effective September 2012) sets very clear standards about its use: teeth whitening products containing a concentration of up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide are safe for home use; products containing up to 6% hydrogen peroxide will only be administered to dentists; products containing more than 6% are banned.

Carbamide peroxide—which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea—can be used in professional teeth whitening treatments provided that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide does not exceed 6%.

What are the risks?

The main risk involved with teeth whitening treatments is hypersensitivity of the gums. This happens especially when the mouth guard is not fitted properly, causing the whitening agent to seep out onto your gums and result in blistering or sensitivity. Prolonged exposure to whitening agents and/or products containing chlorine dioxide may damage tooth enamel. The procedure is not recommended for women who are pregnant or lactating.

What you can do


Before undergoing a teeth whitening treatment—whether it be self-administered or professional—you should have a clinical exam to determine if the procedure is safe for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the whitening agents used in home kits or professional procedures. Above all, carefully consider the risks and the potential result you can expect before you reach for the bleach.