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Whitening of teeth is one of the most opted cosmetic dental actions. This is preferred due to the results which it gives. White teeth are an indication of good health and of potential that is present in a person. This is more so in America , Europe and London . There are a lot of civilizations which have taken this up.

Why do you need to whiten teeth?

White teeth are very much required by people as their smile can form the first impression on others. Many people are scared to smile due to the yellow teeth. This sends wrong signals to the new people they meet. This is a major part of the body language, which people read. This also causes mistrust in people. White teeth and a good smile will indicate that the person is very friendly. If you are looking for a place for teeth whitening in Richmond Hill, there is a dentist in the town.

There are many reasons why teeth tend to lose their color. Genetic reasons are the ones, which cannot be avoided. There are other habitual reasons like drinking of tea or coffee and excessive smoking. An alternative to smoking is e cigarette and it is helpful in maintaining the color of the teeth.

The two types of teeth whitening are bleaching and non-bleaching. The former is the one which does not make use of the bleach to make the teeth white.

Advantages and disadvantages

The dental procedure has a lot of pros and cons. This makes the person think twice before he takes up the process. Pregnant women and children below the age of 16 are not allowed to take up the process of teeth whitening. People of certain age groups are also not allowed, as their teeth are very wear to take the colon cleansing treatment.

The costs involved in the teeth whitening ranges from small budget to huge expensive ones. This is mainly based on the type of whitening technique that is chosen by the person. The most expensive method is the laser teeth whitening. This is one of the most advanced technique and thus the high cost.


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